tan dat

store very good


The way I hit the putter that I had always assumed was not right at all! I was able to understand this based on correct logic. In particular, twisting of the body that causes disorientation. I was able to understand the error of my style of stiffening my elbows and armpits, which forced me to use force even though there was no way I could cover the distance with the strength of my arms, which led to a lower score of 10. Putts account for 40% of your score


I visited him for a fitting course. I think it's wonderful. Through data-based analysis, you can not only completely understand your own habits and understand problems and issues logically, but also what to do next. He also taught me specific ways to do it. It costs a bit of a fee, but I think it's cheap considering it will greatly improve your putting technique. After checking to see if my current putter was suitable for me, I was able to suggest a putter that would be even better before purchasing it. I'm looking forward to it arriving.

Shinya Imai

This time I visited him for my first putter lesson. There are many new discoveries that you would not have learned through putter fitting at a mass retailer, and I think this lesson is worth more than the price. Also, the instructors are very responsive and you can share videos and comments during the lessons on LINE, which I think is very useful for independent practice. Lastly, I tried the ARGOLF putter, and it looked and felt great. It was a very enjoyable 90 minutes. thank you very much.

tom tam

Starting with the nature of the putter, a tool, and explaining the intention of the maker, the customer uses the latest equipment to select a putter that suits each individual, and carefully explains the importance of reflecting a person's inherent sensibilities in their putting. The instructions were explained in an easy-to-understand manner. I'm really thankful to you. There is no doubt that taking this lesson will save you time and money rather than worrying about buying multiple putters. We especially recommend this shop not only to people with low handicap who are having trouble putting, but also to people who have started playing golf as a lifelong sport.