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It was my first time to have a putter fitting, but after going through the process carefully, I was able to propose the one that suited me. I was able to recognize the gap between the ideal state and the actual situation, and I learned a lot of things that I had never thought about before. I think it was well worth taking the time to try it out instead of continuing to do it your way!


I went to a putter fitting for the first time. I had never been properly taught about putters, so I applied out of curiosity. When I compare the putter I have now with the putter that suits me, I can see the difference, and I procured a new putter. I also want to go to one-on-one lessons so that I can confidently putter.


I did a fitting diagnosis! Using the latest equipment and courtesy and kindness, I was completely exposed to my current form and head movements. They taught me the correct address and form, and even taught me the routine, so I want to try it in practice soon! ! Until the putter arrives, I imagine it every day and grin... Thank you very much.