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I was recommended by a golf friend, and after listening to the golf fair's "Introduction to Putting", I definitely wanted to participate in the lesson, and finally I was able to participate in the group lesson on May 21st. I had never taken a proper putter lesson, but I decided to use what I learned at R. One week after my putt average of 40, I had 35 putters. It's big to shrink by 5 strokes. "Carefully and gently launched" This was the scales from my eyes. It was a precious hour. thank you very much!

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It was my first time to have a putter fitting, but after going through the process carefully, I was able to propose the one that suited me. I was able to recognize the gap between the ideal state and the actual situation, and I learned a lot of things that I had never thought about before. I think it was well worth taking the time to try it out instead of continuing to do it your way!

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I interfered with the fitting. Based on your physical characteristics, various types of heads, lengths, putters with different lie angles, and your targeting habits (whether you think you are holding the target straight or not), etc. They even give you lessons on how to make a putter that suits you and how to actually hit it. I brought a putter that my wife gave me as a birthday present, and in order to master the putter? I asked for some advice. I really liked the content of the lessons, which made full use of people's senses. I can teach you all the basics in one day, but if I see a problem in another round, I will go back to the lesson.